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How to prevent farsighted astigmatism? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-04
The eyes are the weakest part of our human body, and we may suffer from eye diseases if we are not careful. Therefore, in our daily life, we should pay more attention to rest, do not stay up late, and use eye hygiene. We all know that the eyes are important to us humans. Therefore, the harm of hyperopic astigmatism cannot be ignored. If you find that you have hyperopia astigmatism, you should go to a regular eye hospital for treatment in time, and you should pay attention to it as soon as possible. Then, how to prevent hyperopia astigmatism? Take a look. Hyperopia is when parallel light enters the eye and forms a focus behind the retina. External objects cannot form a clear image in the retina. The patient subjectively feels that the distance is blurred, and the near vision is more blurred. Use a convex lens to correct hyperopia, mild hyperopia, through the lens The adjustment, subjective feeling is not obvious, with the increase of age, the adjustment ability declines, visual fatigue, blurred vision and other symptoms gradually appear. Astigmatism is an abnormal refractive condition of the eye. It is related to the curvature of the cornea. Human eyes are not perfect. The curvature of the cornea of u200bu200bsome people's eyes is curved in a certain angle area, while other angle areas are flatter. , the cause of astigmatism is that the refractive index of each meridian of the cornea is inconsistent due to the uneven thickness of the cornea or the uneven curvature of the cornea, so that the light passing through these meridians cannot be gathered at the same focus, so that the light cannot be accurately Focusing on the retina to form a clear image of the object, this situation is called astigmatism. 1. Eye movement: often move the eyeball, which can promote blood circulation in the eye, massage the lens and ciliary muscle, and has excellent eye-benefiting function. There are three methods. From near and far, choose one object for each and stop for a while. Then, gradually move your eyes closer from a distance; keep your head still, and look at the four corners of a square building; close your eyes for a while and then suddenly open your eyes, or keep your eyes rolling when you close your eyes. 2. Rub the scalp: There are many acupoints on the head that make the eyes bright. Holding the head with both hands and rubbing the scalp can make the mind clear and the eyes bright. 3. Drumming: Beat the head with the pulp of both fingers. 4. Bow your head: Squat down with your body so that your arms are as close to your calves as possible, use your hands to hold your feet and five toes, pull up slightly with a little force, and lower your head as far as possible. This can make the essence of the internal organs rise to the head, nourishing and nourishing. eyes and ears. 5. Exhale: Keep your back straight, inhale with your nose, close your eyes when you inhale to the maximum, and then exhale slowly with your mouth upwards. This will not only brighten your eyes, but also heal tears. 6. Wash your eyes with cold water and apply a hot towel to the eye sockets: Take a basin of cold water, soak your face in the cold water, open your eyes, keep rolling your eyes in the water, your face will suddenly leak water, and then repeatedly do it for several times and then wipe dry. , Then soak the clean towel with hot water and twist it a little, apply the towel to the eye socket while it is hot, and persist for more than half a year to prevent vertigo.
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