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How to prevent fogging of sports glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
As long as it is sports, you should actually protect your eyes. There are still many styles of sports glasses. If you want to buy more suitable sports glasses, you can also buy them through. But everyone should also find that if sweating eyes are very easy to fog up during exercise, how can we avoid the problem of fogging eyes when exercising? First, the lenses must be coated There are great differences in the coatings of different types of sports glasses, and the lenses of sports glasses are completely different from ordinary lenses. There are many sports glasses that have anti-fogging lenses, so if we want to avoid the problem of fogging, we can directly buy such sports glasses, which can avoid some problems in subsequent use. High-end brand lenses can basically prevent fogging, as long as they are regular sports glasses. Second, there are some anti-fogging sprays on the spray network. For friends who often wear glasses, it is more secure to use such sprays, so be sure to pay special attention to buying sprays and let them dry naturally. . There is a special anti-fog spray for sports glasses, you can use it with confidence, and it will be easier to solve the problem of fogging. Third, using soapy water In fact, using soapy water or detergent can have an anti-fogging effect, but the permeability may not be very good, you need to apply such soapy water on the spectacle lenses, and then wait for natural air-drying Wear it again. If the stain is wiped off, there may be a fogging problem, which needs to be reapplied. Ordinary glasses can also be used to prevent fogging in this way, and the effect is quite good in winter. If you want to ensure the practicability of sports glasses and avoid fogging during exercise, in fact, you can consider purchasing anti-fogging sports glasses directly. In this way, comfort is guaranteed, and there is no need to worry about blurring our vision during exercise.
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