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How to prevent high myopia? What are the daily health care? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-11
With more and more modern electronic products, many people have to stare at their mobile phones or computers every day, and high myopia is increasing. In fact, myopia of more than 500 degrees is regarded as high myopia. Basically, you can see nothing when you take off the glasses, and the eyeballs will be deformed. At this time, you must get the optometry in time, and you can also pass the glasses, which can save a certain amount of money. But after all, high myopia may be inherited, so we should prevent it more. Here are a few simpler prevention methods. Pay attention to eye hygiene. Although many adults really have no way to control their eye use, especially if they work overtime until late at night, they may not be able to complete the task, let alone rest. But it is still recommended that everyone should rest for five minutes every hour. You can simply move around and look into the distance. Of course, you can also do eye exercises for elementary school, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, or choose half an hour of exercise at noon or afternoon, and you can also protect your eyes. There are many different types of anti-blue lenses. There are many different types of anti-blue lenses. Anti-blue light should be better for our eyes. The price of this type of lens is slightly higher, but everyone can also buy the same lens. , The price should be more favorable, and it can also ensure that the glasses are more accurate. Even for children with glasses, they should choose lenses with anti-blue light performance as much as possible. After all, there are too many electronic products now, and parents should pay more attention. Drink more tea and eat vitamins. There are also many teas on the Internet. For example, cassia and chrysanthemum are quite good choices. Such teas can also effectively prevent radiation and are very suitable for office workers to choose. If you drink coffee and tea, then some tea with a clear purpose is the first choice. You can also eat more blueberries, or vitamin B, etc., which can effectively help us to maintain our eyes and effectively prevent the occurrence of high myopia.
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