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How to prevent myopia in children? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-16
At least 50% of primary and middle school students in my country have myopia, but the degree of myopia is not high. If it cannot be effectively maintained, then the child may have to wear glasses once a year, and the degree will gradually increase. So parents are very worried about their children's vision problems, so how to prevent children from myopia? First, control the child’s daily eye-use time. Although the child’s eyes should be used as long as the activity is active, the daily child’s reading and learning time should be controlled, especially for children. It is recommended that children should relax for ten minutes for every hour of study, even in online classes. And the time for playing with mobile phones and computers must be controlled not to exceed half an hour each time, and try to let the children look far away or exercise, so that the conservation effect will be better. Second, adjust the light of learning. Children must learn, so parents should adjust the light situation in time. Try to keep the external light source on the left side, and try to choose 30-40W for desk lamps and fluorescent lamps, so the degree is more suitable. The brightness of computers and mobile phones should also be adjusted well. Although it is impossible to completely control the electronic products, since you do not want your children to wear glasses, it is better to adjust the light as much as possible. It is important to maintain suitable brightness. Third, exercise and sleep must be coordinated. It is not that children who have Liang Ao's eye habit will not be myopia, but also need to maintain a good state of exercise and sleep. Especially for some middle school students, they usually spend more time studying, but they should maintain at least three times of exercise time per week, and ensure that they sleep for more than 8 hours a day, which can prevent myopia from occurring. It is recommended that parents should take good care, especially in elementary school now that 50% of children have myopia before graduation. Therefore, they should start eye care after their children start to have homework and study pressure, so as to avoid children’s myopia and also Can make children have better physical and mental health.
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