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How to prevent myopia in teenagers? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
The myopia of teenagers has become a major problem in society and the country. Myopia not only affects the health of a teenager, but also affects their overburden in the process of learning. The pace of life is different from that of normal people. Wearing myopia every day Glasses can lead to a normal life, so for young people with myopia, how to prevent and control it is a key issue. Today, let's learn about the methods of prevention and treatment of young people's myopia. 15% of the main causes of myopia in adolescents are directly related to the lengthening of the eye axis. As long as the eye axis increases by 1mm, the degree of myopia may increase by 300 degrees; 85% of the main causes of myopia in adolescents are related to seeing near objects, especially in Reading books, watching TV, and playing computer games are directly related. Generally speaking, it is impossible to cure myopia due to the lengthening of the axial length, and it can only control the development of myopia. How to prevent myopia in young people? 1. You can limit the distance when looking at objects, no more than 30cm. When watching TV, playing computer, reading, etc., you must rest for about 10 minutes every hour. 2. You can use a telescope to observe objects, so that you can not only see the objects clearly, but also correct the degree of myopia of the eyes, thereby preventing the effect. 3. Wear reasonable myopia glasses, because the eyes see objects dimly or the clear vision shrinks, which may lead to an increase in the degree of myopia. As long as the degree of myopia is above 50, it is necessary to wear myopia glasses. 4. Improve the sensitivity of the eye, that is to say, to improve the sensitivity of the movement of the intraocular muscles and the sensitivity of the visual field of the extraocular muscles by means of optical physics, which is also a way to prevent juvenile myopia. 5. Optical and physical methods can also be used to relieve eye tension fatigue, such as the use of various eye magnetic therapy, massagers, and various telescopes. 6. For young people, don't wear glasses when it is not yet determined to be myopia, to prevent the occurrence of false myopia. 7. Eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C in the diet, and also eat more foods rich in vitamin A and D, such as fish, eggs, milk, carrots, soybeans, etc., which will not only help your health, but also Helps restore eye fatigue and corrects vision.
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