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How to prevent sunglasses syndrome

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Sunglasses syndrome refers to wearing sunglasses for a long time, and cause vision loss, blurred vision, severe generates a headache, dizziness, vertigo, and can't long wait for a symptom. This condition was embodied in a variety of feelings, such as early in the eyes close to nose around the site had numbness and tingling, breathing more obvious symptoms, like a cold, and people feel like there's little bugs crawling on the face, upper gum numbness, upper incisors feeling unwell, local blood circulation cause skin inflammation, eye acid bilges, vision loss. The discomfort, the sunglasses 2 - in more After 3 weeks. First of all, to choose correct and rational use of sunglasses. Should choose double pupil distance is consistent with the individual face frame glasses. In addition, as far as possible, don't wear large sunglasses, must wear to shorten the time to the mirror, pick a mirror after massage with fingers along the sides of their eyes, the nose - 10 20 times. Once the sunglasses syndrome, should immediately stop wearing sunglasses.
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