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How to prevent vision loss, how to prevent vision loss after getting older? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
It is well known that vision declines as you get older, yet women suffer more than twice the rate of vision loss than men. There are also websites in the United States that teach women how to prevent vision loss. Let's protect our eyes carefully from the age of 20. Today, I will introduce 7 methods to prevent vision loss: 1. Go to the eye doctor regularly. Not only to check the vision, if you usually feel the symptoms of eye discomfort, you should also check the ophthalmological diseases. Ask family members about their family's history of eye disease. 2. Maintain healthy eating habits. In particular, pay attention to eating yellow and green vegetables that are good for the eyes, zinc-rich liver, and fish and shellfish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 3. Quit smoking. Moreover, it should be noted that even if the people around you smoke, as long as you inhale second-hand smoke, the risk of developing eye diseases is also higher. 4. Get into the habit of wearing a hat or sunglasses when going out. Prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the glasses and cause eye lesions. 5. Always wash your hands before applying makeup. Many times our hands do not look dirty at all, but they are actually covered with all kinds of bacteria and dirt. Applying makeup with dirty hands will let the bacteria on the hands enter the eyes and cause eye diseases. 6. People who wear contact lenses, especially soft contact lenses, must consult a professional ophthalmologist before purchasing contact lenses. Some people's eyes are not suitable for wearing contact lenses. And in peacetime to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of contact lens lenses. 7. Young people should pay special attention: go to a specialized optical store to buy color contact lenses as much as possible, and do not buy them at random in some informal grocery stores. Of course, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist before wearing, and strictly follow the correct wearing method to avoid eye inflammation.
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