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How to properly clean contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-30
Wearing contact lenses for a long time will cause many uncomfortable sensations in the eyes, such as increased tears, conjunctival hyperemia, and decreased corneal sensation. So when you just start to wear contact lenses, it is better not to exceed 6-8 hours a day. Remember to take them off when you sleep or use your computer at night. Doing so can reduce the abrasion of the cornea, and also benefit the health of the eyes, and it will be safer to wear. In addition to these minor problems when wearing contact lenses, it is safer and more comfortable to wear contact lenses if they are properly cleaned and kept hygienic. In the contact lens cleaning step, it is inevitable that there will be some germs in the tears of people, which are easy to nourish on the lens when wearing contact lenses, and during the removal process, air pollution or hand pollution will also make the lens nourish bacteria. Therefore, after wearing contact lenses every day, correct cleaning is the way to avoid eye infections. 1. First, wash your hands with disinfectant soap, cut your nails quickly, and then rinse the removed contact lenses with cold water to prevent Laiameba infection. Do not rinse the contact lens lenses with tap water or mineral water. Don't use care liquid either, it will be better to use cold boiled water. 2. After rinsing with cold boiled water, take an appropriate amount of multifunctional contact lens care solution and drop it on the concave surface of the lens, then gently rub the front and back surfaces of the lens with your index finger, rinse with an appropriate amount of multifunctional care solution, and then put it in the lens box and inject Soak an appropriate amount of care solution for more than 4 hours. 3. Then, rinse the cleaned lens with sterile normal saline, put it into the lens box for infusion and disinfection for more than 4-6 hours, and then rinse with sterile normal saline a second time to remove the residual liquid , The lens is soaked into the storage solution of the contact lens for storage. 4. To store the contact lens lens case, it is better to scrub dead corners with detergent before use, and disinfect with warm water of about 80°, and then dry it with air before storing the contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses must be kept clean to avoid bacterial contamination. Many people ignore the disinfection and cleaning of contact lenses because they do not abide by the contact lens wearing rules, which will later cause inflammation of the cornea. In severe cases, it will cause vision loss and blindness. .
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