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How to properly clean contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
No matter what type of contact lens we buy, in addition to daily disposables, we still need a proper cleaning process, and we also need to use a special contact lens care solution, so as to ensure a good wearing effect. There are many different brands of care solutions. In fact, as long as you can use regular brand contact lens care solutions, the cleaning effect is still good. But how to clean contact lenses? Choose the right care solution. Because there are many types of contact lens care solutions, if we really want to clean the lenses, we must use a special care solution to ensure a good cleaning effect. . There are many high-quality brand care solutions, so the cleaning effect is guaranteed, follow-up sterilization is guaranteed, and it can also remove a certain amount of protein deposits, so try to choose high-quality brand contact lens care solutions. Properly rubbing. Many people may use contact lenses that have a long wearing time, especially some of the contact lenses that are thrown every year. In fact, they need to use a contact lens care solution with a better cleaning strength. If it is an annual disposable contact lens, then it is recommended to simply rub it, but do not use too much force, and ensure that the force is even, otherwise it will also cause problems such as contact lens deformation, so the basic rubbing is still very important. Pay attention to the soaking time. There will definitely be a certain amount of protein precipitation after wearing the contact lens, so you should pay special attention to the proper soaking of the contact lens as much as possible. It is recommended that everyone try to soak the new contact lens, soak it for 8 hours before wearing it, so that the comfort will be better. Daily cleaning is also very important. Do not wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day, and continue to soak for more than 4 hours, so that the glasses can be cleaned thoroughly.
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