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How to properly maintain polarized sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
The arrival of the summer, polarized sunglasses become our travel is an essential tool can not only give us keep out the sun, will also be able to reflect the personal temperament. But the sunglasses in the process of using, also need to pay attention to a lot of problems, some can lead to unnecessary damage sunglasses, such as lens wear and scratches issues such as the emergence of a polarized sunglasses so maintenance is also very important, so we should attach great importance to the maintenance of sunglasses common problems. Recommended reading: maintenance methods of polarized sunglasses! How to properly maintain polarized sunglasses as we all know, polarized sunglasses are popular in addition to being able to modify the face ascend levels in appearance, the most important thing is to reduce the intensity of light, block glare to improve the visual contrast, improve visual clarity. But you know, polarized sunglasses if often throw the place, over time it weak, blocking the function of the harmful rays will fall not only don't resist ultraviolet ray function, health problems may also lead to your eyes. Dazzle beautiful polarized sunglasses let's active in the sun, but it to block the sun, but stop pollution damage, so be careful to caress, scrub and fold or store is a good habit, such ability make polarized sun glasses to maximize utility. A lot of people when not wearing can conveniently pick polarized sunglasses on the head, collar or a pocket, but you must pay attention to this time don't be too large range of movement, otherwise it is easy to ripped polarized sunglasses broken or damaged. And, of course, a lot of female friends will put polarized sunglasses in the handbag, the first is the best in the hard glasses box into the bag again, to avoid the keys, comb, such as little wear glasses, or to cosmetics such as lipstick. Polarized sunglasses can bring good line of sight to the drivers, but small make up also want to remind everyone who drive, although she often don't wear can be conveniently put the polarized sunglasses on the dashboard or seat, but this is a very bad habit. Because of the hot weather will eclipse the sun glasses roasted no prototype, especially plastic frames, so it's best to put your glasses collection in glasses are placed in the box. Picked the sunglasses in life wear, so inevitably there will be some dust stained with dirt, then don't use nail to pick, otherwise it would be easy to scratch the surface. Because the polarized sunglasses can block glare of uncomfortable, at the same time can protect your eyes from uv rays, all of this is attributed to a kind of metal powder ( Membrane layer) Filtering device, they can when light hits on the 'choice'. Of polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb the sun's rays of a part of the band, because it is through the thin metal powder ( Iron, copper, nickel, etc. ) , once this layer of powder is destroyed, that our polariscope also lost its meaning, and thus can also affect our image isn't it? Sand or dust is inevitable, these dirt best blowing gently, also can use tap water rinse, and then rinse with middle finger and index finger dips in neutral soap gently daub, hard to jilt to adhesion of water after rinse, gently with senior paper towels absorb of small water droplets, but don't be hard to clean oh, otherwise it will scratch the lenses. Usually don't use other cleaner, more do not use shampoo and bath containing colloid, daily care must use professional wiping cloth to wipe gently. In order to guarantee good wearing effect, besides must complete the polaroid maintenance, choose good polarized sunglasses are also very important!
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