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How to protect eyesight after playing computer for a long time? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-01
With the rapid development of the Internet and computers, computers have been involved in every corner of life, and every bit of life has been closely related to computers. Whether it is study, work or life needs, it is no longer inseparable from the computer. Therefore, the harm caused by the computer is also concerned by the family, society and the country. So today, the editor will introduce to you how to protect your eyesight after playing computer for a long time. How to protect eyesight after playing computer for a long time 1. Sufficient light First, before playing computer, keep the indoor light not too bright or too dark, only enough light will cause eyes to be in a state of fatigue. 2. Correct sitting posture to avoid hunched over and keep the distance between the eyes and the computer screen at more than 45cm, to prevent the eyes from looking at close objects for a long time, resulting in endocrine disorders of the eyes, resulting in the inability of eye tears to be discharged from the body normally. 3. Proper rest After watching the computer for a period of time, that is, after 30-60 minutes, be sure to make time for your eyes to rest. You can stand by the window and look into the distance, which can effectively relieve eye pressure. 4. Dietary habits After reading the computer, properly supplement some foods containing vitamin A and protein, and you can also drink more water, which can effectively resist the damage caused by radioactive substances to the eyes. 5. Do eye exercises Whether it is reading, studying, watching computers or watching TV, it is very necessary to do eye exercises, which can promote the blood circulation of cells around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. 6. Wear moderate glasses If you regularly use the computer, you can wear a pair of anti-radiation glasses to prevent harmful external glare from entering the eyes. If your eyes are short-sighted, you can wear a pair of moderately short-sighted glasses, and then look at the computer, otherwise it will lead to aggravation of vision. How to protect eyesight after playing computer for a long time Do not keep your eyes too close to the computer, take proper rest, or do eye exercises to relieve eye fatigue and prevent vision loss.
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