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How to protect eyesight when surfing? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-23
After asking people around, many people with normal eyesight also like to wear decorative glasses, and some people with poor eyesight prefer to wear contact lenses. For people who like to exercise, poor eyesight will of course affect the technical movements during exercise and observe the movement trajectory of props such as balls. In recent years, surfing has become popular in China. So what is the relationship between surfing and vision? When surfing, you can choose contact lenses. I asked some people who like surfing how to deal with vision problems when surfing. Some people who have blurred vision after taking off their glasses will definitely wear contact lenses, and those who can't leave their glasses in their daily lives choose to wear daily disposable contact lenses when surfing. In this way, the vision can be kept clear, and even if you accidentally fall into the sea, you don't have to deliberately search for it. There are also some people whose eyesight is “subtle” not so good. They don’t need to wear glasses in daily life. However, when you need to see clearly when you need to see the blackboard, watch TV, drive, etc., you still need to wear glasses to see. Be clear enough. So this group of people are often divided into 'contact lens group' and 'naked eye group' when surfing. When surfing with contact lenses, you should always be careful not to let the sea water get into your glasses, so you always have to close your eyes when doing surfing. The 'naked-eyes' also have different troubles. Surfing enjoys the fun of riding the waves, that is, you need to accurately grasp the time to stand up. If you want to make the corresponding surfing action at a better time, then you must see the trend of the distant waves hitting clearly. At this time, people with good eyesight and those with poor eyesight will show a significant difference in surfing skills. Therefore, there are also people who wear contact lenses for surfing in pursuit of higher technology.
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