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how to put fishing hooks in tubes

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Tube lure is easy to find.
One end is closed and the other end is hollowed out and cut into strips.
Open end with tentacles-
Acting underwater like a bar attracts a variety of fish, including small-mouth bass.
You should slowly drop your plastic bait to the bottom to work for the strike.
You can connect the plastic tube to the fish hook just like connecting the plastic worm.
Description difficulty: moderately easy to press the top of the head of the tube to the point of the hook, the hook is located on the curve of the hook, and through the hook.
When you press down, bypass the body of the tube.
Pull the hook by offset bending.
Check if the eyelet located at the end of the hook is outside the closed end or \"head\" of the tube.
\"Rotate the point of the hook in one of three ways: Bury the point of the hook in the top layer of the tube--
A technique known as a Texas rig bathtub;
Lean the hook on the top floor of the bathtub-
A technique called texture hook point;
Or pass the hook point under the tube and bury the point under the skin, which is called \"textured skin \".
Press the hook point at the \"docking\" or closing end of the tube.
The length of the pipe through the hook.
Pull out the hook point from the tube to get a clean exit, which means it is completely out of the tube.
Pass the hook through the body of the tube.
When you pass the weight on the hook through the wall of the tube, pinch the side of the tube body.
Press the hook on the skin of the tube--
A technique called \"textured skin.
\"Leave the eyes of the hook through the body of the tube and tie them to your line.
Re-insert the eyes into the body of the tube.
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