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How to quickly reduce swollen eyes when crying? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
The occasional swelling of the eyes caused by crying and runny nose is actually a bit embarrassing. This situation has nothing to do with eye diseases, but if we really want to ensure that we can ensure that we can quickly reduce the swelling, we should definitely master certain methods. Today, I will introduce some methods that can help us reduce swelling quickly. 1. The effect of ice compress is good. If you have done some facial micro-plastic surgery, you should know that, basically after the operation, there is a process of ice compress, and a special ice compress stick is required. 15 minutes, the effect of ice compress is very easy to reduce the swelling, and the effect is faster. If you really just cried, use the ice compress mode, basically after a few minutes, the swelling can be reduced by more than half. Second, assist in the massage After the ice compress, in fact, everyone can simply perform a massage, just like we do eye exercises. It is recommended that you still press at 4 points up, down, left, and right in Yanzhou, and you have to use a little harder to ensure good results. However, massage can only play a supplementary role. It may have a mediocre effect on reducing swelling, but it can speed up blood circulation and can gradually speed up the reduction of swelling. Third, use hot eggs. Peel off the skin after the eggs are cooked, and then roll a few times around the swollen eye area, which can also play a good role in reducing swelling. But we must pay special attention to its temperature. It only needs to have a certain degree of heat, but it cannot be much higher than our skin temperature. It is also easy to get burns if you negate it, so you must pay special attention to controlling the temperature. It is recommended that you wash your face first after crying, and try not to use facial cleanser to irritate your eyes. Then a simple ice compress will basically reduce the swelling gradually. If the swelling is still very serious, you can also wear glasses to cover it, and don't let everyone's eyes focus on your eyes.
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