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How to recover from false myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-26
Although pseudo-myopia can also see things blurred, it is not considered an eye disease. Pseudo-myopia mostly occurs in adolescents. It is mainly caused by symptoms such as dizziness and decreased vision caused by not allowing the eyes to rest for a long time. On the surface, pseudo-myopia is also blurring far away and clear near vision, but there is no corresponding diopter change during mydriatic refraction. True myopia is a pathological change in the fundus, which is difficult to self-regulate and recover. Moreover, the degree of true myopia is mostly medium and high myopia, which takes a long time to occur and develop, and the appearance of the patients' eyes has different degrees of bulging. How to restore false myopia can restore vision. At present, there are many ways to treat false myopia. Here are a few commonly used methods to treat false myopia. 1. Use methods to increase the excitability of the visual center and improve visual function: direct current treatment of myopia, ear acupuncture, plum blossom acupuncture, acupoint massage, acupoint conduction, qigong therapy and cold water bath therapy, etc. The main purpose is to increase the excitability of the optic center and optic nerve cells of the brain, which can improve the vision both near and far. 2. Cloud and fog method First, let the patient wear a high-power convex lens and look at the visual acuity chart at a distance of 5 meters. This can relax the ciliary muscle of the patient in a convulsive state and eliminate the adjustment effect. At first, the patient will feel blurred and blurred vision, and after a few minutes, he will feel a little clearer. In the future, gradually reduce the power of the convex lens (when changing the lens, the first lens must be put on the second lens before removing the first lens). If it is reduced to a flat lens with no power, the vision will return to normal or more obvious than before the test. Improved, proved to be pseudo-myopia, or a part of pseudo-myopia exists. 3. Mydriatic method Generally, teenagers under the age of 14 have too strong accommodation ability. They often use mydriatic method to make adjustment paralyze for optometry. Use 1% to 2% of atropine to dilate pupils, 2 times a day for 3 to 4 days. For those over 14 years old, you can use 2% homatropine eye drops, once every 10 minutes, 4-6 times in total; you can also use rapid mydriatic tropinamide eye drops, once every 5 minutes, 3 times in total ~4 times. If the visual acuity is improved after the pupil is dilated than before the pupil is dilated, or the vision has returned to normal, it means that there is false myopia, or it is completely false myopia. Although pseudomyopia can be treated, it will still bring inconvenience to our lives during the treatment of pseudomyopia, so we must eliminate the occurrence of pseudomyopia from our lives. Ways to prevent false myopia: 1. Improve the learning environment: pay attention to keeping a distance of 30 cm and correct posture in reading and writing. Pay attention to natural light and ensure adequate indoor lighting. Combine work and rest, get rid of bad study habits, rest for 10-15 minutes every hour of reading, and do not lie down or walk to read. Pay attention to strengthening physical exercise. 2. Look far away often: look at the natural scenery after studying or writing for 1 to 2 hours to relax the ciliary muscles. Insist on doing eye exercises 3 to 4 times a day. 3. Diet prevention: Eat more green vegetables and foods high in protein.
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