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How to reduce the power of glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-11
Deepening the power of the glasses is very uncomfortable, especially for some people who are not high in the power, but if the power is deepened, they have to wear glasses all the time. It is the thinking of many people who want to reduce the power of the glasses. Generally speaking, the deepening of the power of the glasses is directly related to bad eye habits. Then, how to reduce the power of the glasses, let's take a look at it together. The reason why some young people's myopia deepens faster is not only related to eye use, but also related to inaccurate optometry. Generally speaking, it is necessary to have mydriasis and optometry for teenagers and children. Some children have pseudomyopia. If they wear glasses, they will become true myopia. Therefore, it is very important that the optometry is correct. Generally, if you choose the right glasses to wear, pay attention to the rational use of your eyes, and wear them correctly, which can alleviate the increase in the degree. For patients with mild myopia, you can wear glasses when looking close, and wear them when looking far away. Those with moderate myopia and high myopia need to wear it for a long time. Wear suitable glasses according to the actual needs of the individual. Some people are suitable for wearing progressive multifocal glasses. In the economic range, they can be equipped with this kind of glasses. The eyes can see far and near. It is very useful for alleviating visual fatigue. Helpful, can reduce the deepening of the degree. For those who are not suitable for gradually multifocal glasses, choosing the glasses that suit them can alleviate the development of myopia. But it should be noted that if you wear glasses, you must also pay attention to the use of your eyes, so as to slow down the deepening of the degree.
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