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How to restore pseudo-myopia in adolescents and children_Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-27
In recent years, the myopia of adolescents and children has shown an upward trend, but myopia can be divided into two types: true myopia and false myopia. As for pseudomyopia, although the clinical manifestations are similar to true myopia, it can be recovered through treatment and prevention. Then let’s take a look at how to recover from pseudomyopia in children and teenagers. Although pseudo-myopia also shows clear vision of near objects and blurry vision of distant objects, the clinical manifestations are the same as those of true myopia. However, the rate of pseudomyopia is due to the excessive use of eyes by adolescents and children, resulting in continuous ciliary muscle contraction and spasm, and the gradual increase in the thickness of the lens, which will cause blurring when viewing objects. But at this time, the eyeball has not undergone any changes, and there is no need for complicated treatments, as long as the eyes get good rest and care in peacetime. <1>. Regular visual inspection: In addition to regular visual inspection, the study and maintenance should be properly organized according to the visual acuity. This is the most important thing for the restoration of false myopia. <2>. Eye exercises: Pseudo-myopia is caused by eye fatigue due to excessive use of the eyes, usually stick to 30 minutes of eye exercises, which will help the eyes to return to a normal state. <3> Improve physical fitness: you can strengthen physical exercises, promote some outdoor sports, and get more sunlight; you must also get up and go to bed early to maintain adequate sleep and proper rest every day, which is very helpful for the restoration of vision Great help. <4>. Supplement some nutrients appropriately: The metabolism of the cells of the eye tissues generally cannot be separated from the source of nutrients, such as the main components of lutein and zeaxanthin. Only normal intake and supplementation can ensure the tissue cells of the eye The operation of the camera has a great effect on the prevention and control of vision. In addition, vitamins, zinc, calcium, and protein should all be supplemented in appropriate amounts, which is very good for the healthy development of the eyes. The pseudo-myopia stage is the most suitable stage for the treatment of myopia. If it is not well treated and prevented, it may become true myopia and affect the growth and development of adolescents and children. The last point is that if the myopia degree is above 100, you must remember to wear suitable myopia glasses to prevent vision loss and control the development of myopia degree.
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