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How to restore vision in myopia_Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
According to medical judgment, myopia is divided into two types: one is due to the front and back diameter of the eyeball, which exceeds the length of a normal person by 24 mm. This type of myopia is called 'true myopia.' The other is caused by some usual eye-use habits, such as the distance between the eyes and the book when reading is too short, or the time of using the eyes is too long, which makes the ciliary muscles in the eyes excessively tense, causing eye fatigue or spasm , And later make vision loss, this kind of myopia is called pseudomyopia. How to restore vision after myopia has become the current concern of patients, families and society, let's take a look together below. 1. How to restore vision after pseudomyopia This functional myopia can be corrected and returned to normal because the front and rear diameter invasion is normal. As long as you usually look at things, keep the details of the objects in your eyes above 25cm. Do not overwork your eyes. It is better to keep your eyes away for about 10 minutes after using your eyes for 1 hour. Also, remember to eat more foods containing vitamins A and C to prevent the eyes from not working properly due to lack of certain nutrients. Pseudo-myopia can only be turned into a true one if it is well taken care of. Therefore, if a teenager is found to have mild myopia, it must be corrected in time. 2. What is true myopia and restore vision? <1>. Crystal exercise: first support the cheek with both hands, make the eyeball turn clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times; <2>. Massage: sit down or recline Yes, first close the eyes naturally, and then massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in turn. The technique must be a thrilling person. <3>. Gaze from a distance: Find a place 10 meters away from yourself to talk about things. This will help promote the development of the ciliary muscles and improve the vision of the glasses. <4>. With glasses: When the myopia degree reaches about 200 degrees, it is better to wear a pair of glasses for correction, so that the eyes can see the morphological features of the vision clearly. The prevention of myopia in young people with glasses is currently a social issue that is paid more attention to by the world. Because myopia not only affects the lifestyle of young people, but also affects the development of young people, for young people myopia, the majority of users still like to wear a pair of myopia that suits their eyes.
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