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how to rig a banjo minnow

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Your favorite \"who did it\" enters the business break when the mystery is about to be solved.
When you get up from the couch, your attention is drawn back to the TV because a monster bass is pulled out of the water.
How is this possible?
That\'s banjo Mino.
The method and kit are neatly packed and cheap.
Do you like the idea but don\'t like the price?
Parts you need to assemble your own banjo fish are available from your local fishing shop.
Difficulty: easily choose the soft body minnow four to 5 inch long.
There are many different ows fish produced by different manufacturers on the market.
When making the selection, consider the color and body design of minnow.
Insert a screw-
In the bait rack in Minno\'s nose. Many screw-
The holder is characterized by no
Curl or closed loop eye for connecting hook or fishing line.
Insert the corkscrew bracket so that only the eyes are exposed from minnow.
Place a small rubber \"O\" ring on 4 live bait hooks.
Slide the \"O\" ring over the point, through the inverted hook, and slide to the bend of the hook.
Put the assembled Mino on the hook.
Slide the eye with the bait holder fitted with minnow over the point of the hook and the back Hook until it falls next to the \"O\" ring.
Place the second \"O\" ring on the hook so that the bait holder eye is located between the two \"O\" rings.
Make sure there is enough space between the \"O\" rings to give the bait rack freedom of movement.
Insert a small rubber band through the bait holder Hook eye.
Double the rubber band and insert about half the rubber band through your eyes.
Bypass one end of the rubber band around the outside of the Hook eye and pass through the ring of the rubber band opposite.
Tighten the rubber band around the hook eye.
Stretch the free end of the rubber and hook on the back hook.
Tips and warning articles written by Keith DooleyKeith Dooley have degrees in outdoor education and sports management.
He has served as assistant sports director, head coach and assistant coach in various sports including football, softball and golf.
Dooley has worked for various websites in the past to write teaching articles on various topics.
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