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How to set the low-key tortoise-shell sunglasses match a fashion sense

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Dark glasses as a highly fashionable feeling, by the fashionable women of all ages. However many trends for daily wear on collocation, mainly is the basic of monochromatic series sunglasses, so low-key but with some pattern tortoise-shell sunglasses,, it is not so popular. In fact tortoise-shell sunglasses on the irregular pattern of light and shade of color piece, often can add bright spots to extremely brief outfit. Such as the following several hipster is characteristic of the collocation of tortoise-shell sunglasses. Tortoise shell frame sunglasses for those who usually dress looking elegant boys, like this a light blue shirt and jeans is just right for this kind of tortoise-shell sunglasses. Golden hair, naked sun beard, black suit, tortoise-shell sunglasses on collocation, make the city boy a little more sunshine and wild. Tortoise frames is without the restrictions of age, gender, style color. Dark green coat, coupled with some fashion elements of black hat, tortoise-shell sunglasses on collocation, let the elderly have very strong sense of street fashion. Dark black spots scattered distribution, the overall color, add a nobility and stable to the wearer.
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