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How to take off contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-16
I finally put on contact lenses. As a novice, it has become a very troublesome thing to take off the contact lenses. In fact, if you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, as long as you adjust your mentality, it is relatively easy to wear and remove. There will be a detailed video introduction on the page to tell you how to wear contact lenses. If you can't take it off after the first wear, you can actually refer to the following steps to deal with it. First, clean your hands It is recommended that you clean your hands when wearing and removing contact lenses, and do not use a towel to wipe your hands. You can use some clean face towel or let it dry naturally. After the hands have a certain degree of dryness, you can remove the contact lenses, which will be more convenient. Otherwise, if your hands are wet, it is actually more troublesome to take off your contact lenses. Second, pay attention to fixing the eyelids. In fact, it is the same as wearing contact lenses. You must pay special attention to fixing the position of your eyelids. Because the hand must be in contact with the eyeball when picking, many people may be afraid, so be sure to use the other hand to fix your eyelid. It is recommended that you try a few more times, and you will basically be able to take off your contact lenses. Third, take out the contact lens We can directly touch the middle position of the contact lens with our hands, and then simply squeeze it, and if there is a certain gap, we can gently take it off. If you are not very good at using such a method, you can also push the contact lens to the edge of the eye, and then look the other side, so that the contact lens can also fall. There will be a detailed video to introduce to you, friends who are not very good at taking off contact lenses can be used as a reference, just gently take off the contact lenses, then you can take off the contact lenses. When wearing contact lenses for the first time, everyone will be a little nervous, especially when removing contact lenses. But no matter how you wear and take it off, you should ensure absolute cleanliness, and pay special attention to checking your eyes at any time to prevent some effects.
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