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How to tell if sunglasses are UV resistant? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-15
In order to protect our eyes in summer, we must still wear sunglasses. There are many sunglasses on the market, and the color and protection of each type of sunglasses are different, so if we want to buy suitable sunglasses, we must pay special attention to whether the sunglasses can protect against ultraviolet rays. Try to buy sunglasses through such a formal website, which is more secure. In fact, there are some confirmation methods for judging whether sunglasses are UV resistant. One, by looking at the label to judge when we buy sunglasses, there will always be a certain label, for example, there will be a clear logo for UV protection, or there will be a logo such as UV400. UV is actually the effect of filtering ultraviolet rays, but most sunglasses can only filter 96%-98% of ultraviolet rays, which is not able to achieve a complete protection effect. But as long as it is a regular brand of sunglasses, it can basically achieve such an anti-ultraviolet effect, and regular brands will also have corresponding introductions. All sunglasses sold have corresponding logos, and the sunglasses of big brands need to specify the specific conditions of UV protection in accordance with national requirements. For example, labeling UV400, it means that the ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 400NM can be cut off. And labeling UV, or anti-ultraviolet, then it means that the sunglasses can cut off ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 380NM. Only sunglasses with a clear introduction and corresponding data are our first choice. Second, the verification of the counterfeit pen can simply verify whether a sunglasses is really UV-resistant. We have a counterfeit pen. Then you take out a piece of money and see if you can see the anti-counterfeit watermark through the glasses. If you can see the watermark, it proves that the glasses are unqualified and cannot prevent ultraviolet rays, and if you can't see the watermark, it proves that the lenses are anti-ultraviolet. It is also recommended that you verify it first, so that you can naturally know the actual quality of the sunglasses.
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