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How to treat amblyopic eyes? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-12
Compared with pseudo-myopia, the obvious difference between amblyopia and pseudo-myopia is that the treatment effect of amblyopia is related to age, and the best treatment stage is between 3-6 years old. The eyes of patients with amblyopia do not have any organic degeneration, but their visual acuity development is relatively backward and does not reach the normal level, resulting in a little blurred vision. So how to treat amblyopia eyes, let's take a look at it together. Amblyopia can be divided into strabismus amblyopia, anisometropic amblyopia, and refractive amblyopia according to the type of disease. In addition, congenital cataract, corneal leukoplakia, diabetic retinopathy, etc. Treatment should be based on the type of amblyopia and the pathogenesis of amblyopia. There are the following specific treatment methods: <1>. Wearing lenses: Amblyopia is also a kind of refractive error, so before treatment, it is important to make objects clearly image on the retina, that is, to professional glasses After mydriasis and optometry in the store or eye hospital, the glasses should be worn with a reasonable degree for correction. <2>. Visual training method: use red light with a wavelength of 630nm to stimulate cells in the macular area of u200bu200bthe fundus, which can speed up the growth of cells, thereby improving the vision of the eyes. Or use the form of computer multimedia to perform vision training on visual function to improve eyesight and visual function. <3>.Ultrasonic therapy: The amblyopia ultrasonic therapy instrument is used to improve the supply of local blood vessels in the eye, thereby relieving visual fatigue, controlling the development of myopia, and speeding up the healing time of amblyopia. <4>. Afterimage therapy: Using virtual scenes, the weak treatment and computer animation are integrated, so that the inhibition of the macular area of u200bu200bthe fundus can be eliminated to varying degrees, so as to correct eccentric fixation and improve eye vision. Before the treatment of amblyopia, the first thing to do is to wear optometry, because only on the basis of correcting refractive errors, can the training of the amblyopic eyes be strengthened to improve the vision of the eyes. The treatment effect of amblyopia has a direct factor with age. Generally, the best treatment time is under 12 years old. If this time period is exceeded, the hope of recovering amblyopia is about 10%.
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