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How to treat children with hyperopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-25
The difference between hyperopia and myopia is that the eye axis of hyperopia is relatively short. When parallel rays of light pass through the eye tortuously enter the eye, the focus falls behind the retina, which can not form a clear effect on the retina, causing the eye to see distant objects. Blurred, more blurred when looking at close objects. Under normal circumstances, there are more patients with hyperopia in middle-aged and elderly people, but less common in children with hyperopia. The following editor will take you to understand how to treat children with hyperopia. The best treatment time for children’s hyperopia is generally over 8 years old. During this period, children’s eyes are in the developmental stage, and 100-200 degrees of hyperopia is normal. Generally, no specific treatment is required, as long as there is more in life Pay attention to eye habits and eating habits to achieve a good therapeutic effect. However, if the degree of hyperopia is more than 200-300 degrees, special methods should be considered for treatment to prevent the development of hyperopia into amblyopia, strabismus and other refractive errors. Under normal circumstances, there are several treatment methods for children's hyperopia: <1>. Frame glasses correction: For mild hyperopia children, that is, 100-200 degree hyperopia patients, glasses are generally not required. However, for more serious hyperopia patients, if the degree is more than 200 degrees, it is necessary to consider wearing appropriate glasses for correction, so as to avoid developing amblyopia, strabismus, etc. <2> Correction of contact lenses: Wear moderate contact lenses for correction, the effect is the same as that of frame glasses, but the maintenance cost of contact lenses is relatively high, and it is prone to corneal deformation, corneal hypoxia, corneal infection and eyelid allergies The phenomenon. Therefore, it is better not to wear contact lenses for children with hyperopia. <3>. Surgical treatment: Laser cutting surgery is a common method to treat hyperopia and myopia, but for children, the cornea is just in the developmental stage. If it is operated on, it may damage the corneal tissue Cells affect the normal development of the cornea.
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