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How to treat hyperopia astigmatism?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-04
Hyperopia is caused by congenital factors as well as acquired bad habits and environmental factors. If you are farsighted, you can't see far or near clearly, and your eyes are more prone to fatigue. Hyperopia is generally related to the development of the eye axis, and astigmatism is mainly related to the cornea. Therefore, if hyperopia astigmatism is found, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Learn how to treat astigmatism from farsightedness. If the degree of hyperopia is small, and the child's vision is normal, if there is no fatigue symptoms in the adjustment, and there is no imbalance of the extraocular muscle strength, treatment is not necessary. Moreover, children under the age of 6 to 7 have physiological hyperopia, which is normal. With growth and development, they can achieve normal vision. But if the child has some other symptoms, parents should pay attention. For those with obvious vision loss, asthenopia or strabismus, etc., treatment is required. For those with refractive error of 3.00D, corrective lenses should be worn frequently. If it is lower than 300 degrees, you can wear it at close range. Treated with surgery. Nowadays, for people with refractive errors, the use of surgical correction is also familiar to everyone. The surgical method can reduce hyperopia or eliminate hyperopia by wearing glasses or wearing contact lenses. If it is mild astigmatism, it is generally not necessary to correct with glasses. If children are struggling to read and write with their eyes, even if the degree is very low, they need to be corrected with glasses. Chinese medicine treatment, by stimulating the meridians of the human body, to clear the meridians, promote blood circulation around the eyes, improve the nutrition of nerves and muscles, improve visual fatigue, and improve eyesight. Usually, you still need to pay attention to the habit of using your eyes and don't overwork yourself.
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