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How to use a sunglass clip?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Sunglass clip is designed for myopia crowd polarized sunglasses, effectively prevent dazzle light, uv protection. Especially suitable for driving, outdoors, fishing and other outdoor sports. The polarized lens technology, regard as resolving power boost. So how do sunglass clip is used for? Recommended reading: sunglass clip to use? Sunglasses factory, 8006 men and women general clip clip to C6 gold first buy have quality assurance to determine whether the purchase product has the function of uv if no uv protection function, only has the filter function, can't block uv damage to the eyes. Several times to confirm whether there is a function of polarization, polarization effect can help us better distinguish objects under strong light and reflected light, no matter driving, skiing, fishing can improve our visual effect. General external sunglass clip will have this feature, but in order to buy the rest assured products, we can use a merchant's polarization test card test, general design for the water and fish, wearing glasses can see fish with polarization effect of the lens. Finally wear, wear very simple as long as the clip clip can be used on the myopia glasses.
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