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How to use contact lens eye drops? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-14
Eye drops are similar to eye drops and eye drops. They are all products for contact lens wearers. They can relieve eye discomforts such as dry eyes and strong foreign body sensations. The main component of eye solution is HA hyaluronic acid, which is a macromolecular eye moisturizing factor. It is one of the main components of the cell tissue of the eye moisturizing system. It can effectively balance the balance of water in the eye. Gentleness like natural tears. So how to use eye drops, how to use contact eye eye drops, let’s take a look together! First, there are many types of eye drops and more brands. There are not only many types of eye drops, but also many brands and different brands. Different types of eye drops or different brands of eye drops are used in different ways. Like the Binglan Run Eye Liquid, Weikang Run Eye Liquid and Haichang Run Eye Liquid that often appear on the market, these three brands of eye liquid are mainly moisturizing and relieving eye discomfort. The method of use is very simple, similar to eye drops and eye drops, but remember that the eye drops after opening the lid should be used up within a month to avoid contamination and so on. Second, there are water-based and gel-like eye moisturizers. For people who wear contact lenses, there are two main types of eye moisturizers used. One type is water-based, suitable for those with mild eye discomfort. People; the other is gel-like, which has better moisturizing properties, and is mostly used for patients who often have dry eyes. Between use, wash your hands and then drip into the eyes. After a minute or so, close your eyes for 3 minutes to promote the efficacy of the medicine. Most consumers use it like this. Three, how to use it? It is very important to understand correctly how to use contact lens eye drops. When preparing for drops, look down first, then open your lower eyelid, and then drop the eye drops on the lower eyelid; Close your eyes and turn, so that the eye drops can be well locked in the eyeballs to achieve a good eye moisturizing effect. But the editor would like to remind everyone that although good quality eye drops can relieve eye fatigue, they definitely cannot replace the moisture in the eyes. Therefore, no matter which type of eye lotion or brand of eye lotion, it is better not to drip more than 3 times a day, otherwise excessive use will weaken your own tear secretion function.
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