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How to use eye drops_Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-31
Eyes are the most important organs of the human body and one of the more fragile organs of the human body. They are more susceptible to the influence of the external environment, which can lead to visual fatigue, or lead to adverse reactions such as dryness, dryness, dry itching, and soreness in the eyes. In severe cases, they may also It can cause a variety of eye diseases, such as chronic keratitis, conjunctivitis, and iritis, which in turn affects the clarity and comfort of the eyes. At this time, most people use eye drops for treatment, so how to use eye drops, let's take a look with the editor below. How to use eye drops Eye drops are liquids that are directly integrated into the eyes. Before using eye drops, wash your hands first to prevent the remaining bacteria, fungi or viruses from infecting eye cells. Then check the eye drops used, check the validity period, shelf life, and related information of the business to see if there are other counterfeit cases. At the same time, after a month of opening the general eye drops, the liquid will not appear turbid, deteriorated, sediment or flocs, etc. If these phenomena occur, it can indicate that the eye drops may have quality problems, and it is better not to use them directly. After unscrewing the cap of the eye drops, place the cap correctly. The opening is better not to directly touch other objects to avoid infection or contamination. After opening the bottle cap, squeeze a drop to discard it, look down, use your middle finger and ring finger to gently pull the lower eyelid into a bag, hold the eye drops with your right hand, and then gently drip the eye drops into the eyes Inside. Or lying on your back or sitting, with your head back later, open your eyes and use your index finger to gently fix the lower eyelid on the lower edge of the eye socket, and then gently drip the eye drops into your eyes. First, use a hand-held eye drop bottle about 3cm above the eye, and drop 1-2 drops of eye drop vertically down into the lower fornix. Loosen the lower eyelid and close your eyes and rest for 5 minutes. Do not blink, and gently press the nasolacrimal duct at the inner corner of the eye with your fingers for at least two minutes to slow down the drainage of the liquid medicine. At the same time, remember that two different types of eye drops cannot be instilled into the eyes at the same time. If they must be instilled at the same time, at least 5-10 minutes apart, so as to avoid interaction between the drugs and affect the therapeutic effect of the eye drops. .
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