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How to use sunglasses to keep high profile fashion see star

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Stars always give a person a kind of special feeling, they are always on different occasions to be able to keep the star of the usual stance, these not only depends on the big bags, clothes, a pair of can hold full of fashionable sunglasses is necessary. Gorgeous colour? The design of trend? See how stars with sunglasses to keep high profile fashion. Jessica Alba: handsome jacket with bright red envelopes, the sign face, elegant red lips with black sunglasses again, give a person a kind of cool feeling as a whole. Lady Gaga: adopting the costumes do strange Lady Gaga should allow Disney princess to wear jeans with a simple white T-shirt, wearing a black and super show her another gesture aesthetic feeling. 罗茜·汉丁顿- Whiteley, long legs, designer bags, so the beauty deserves to be born supermodel, and a pair of sunglasses more reflects its high profile, unusual passers-by. Gwen Stefani: loose accessories could not hide its slender good posture, the cool feeling of laser glasses with cool expression, let it cool feels dye-in-the-wood, all show high profile.
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