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How to use the sunglasses will be integral collocation international fan

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Sunglasses and fashion, atmosphere, fashion, wild, international words such as hook, but it happened that the sunglasses have very many people put out a 'fortune teller' or 'girl' of literature and art feeling, however, many people are towards international fan to match, it is not very failure. Investigate its reason, not sunglasses style is not enough, but many people don't know how to carry on the integral collocation, like clothing, hair style, even jewelry is to have a bigger cultured. To know the sunglasses and other decorations are complementary relationship, and can't count on any item to match the international norm, but sunglasses are really easy to reflect the international fan's item. Here will also teach you how to use sunglasses integral collocation gives the international norm. Recommended reading: Korea winter fashion sunglasses 'Glasses COVE' takes you out of tie-in waste a pair of sunglasses international fan a: Glasses, white shirt and jeans match hook: white shirt, jeans is very good summer, trousers head into a coat, jeans trousers rolled up, coupled with high heels, chain bag, easy to wear out of Europe and the United States street snap. Of course, the most important thing is to match a tall on the sunglasses, let more fashionable grab lens shape. A pair of sunglasses international fan 2: sunglasses + T + leisure pants with hook: T shirts can find a have a neutral flavor, tie-in and recreational pants with cool sunglasses more handsome. Item recommendation style for short vest T/T, haroun pants/wide-legged pants, canvas shoes. A pair of sunglasses international fei 3: sunglasses + jumpsuits + mini chain hook: collocation match sunglasses fashionable jumpsuits are hipster rocks, deserve to act the role of choice nowadays are hot on the mini package more show delicate chain. Recommend to jumpsuits style white jumpsuits, printing conjoined shorts, broken beautiful condole belt jumpsuits. A pair of sunglasses international fan four: sunglasses + + shirt ripped jeans, casual shoes and handbags with hook: simple white shirt and ripped jeans, deserve to act the role of the shoes and bags are choose black, let the blue and white collocation is more pure and fresh and bright. And the cat's eye leopard frame sunglasses is the nods eyeball pen, let whole modelling pretend bility of instantaneous promotion. A pair of sunglasses international fan 5: sunglasses + T + white denim shorts + chain bag with hook: T-shirt shorts collocation is the most common summer street LOOK, want to suck so can only give some thought on accessories, and the fastest rob mirror technique, is wearing a fashionable breath of sunglasses to pretend bility. Item recommendation style is pure color T, high waist shorts, chalaza sandal. A pair of sunglasses international fan 6: sunglasses + + dress hand bag with hook: dresses, hand bag, again tie-in high-heeled shoes, the collocation is very beautiful, but, to be successful rob mirror, cool sunglasses to light up its modelling is needed. A pair of sunglasses international fan 7: sunglasses T + + printing bag hip skirt + mini match handbag hook: T-shirt match package hip skirt was very elegant, a mini handbag more optional collocation socialite snowboarding progresses. A pair of sunglasses 8: sunglasses + small backpack, red lip is tie-in hook: print dress with small backpack fashion, sweet lips with sunglasses make elegant charming classic breath. A pair of sunglasses 9: sunglasses + + cultivate one's morality dress wide-brim hats collocation hook: a cultivate one's morality dress outline shape curve, wide-brim hats and sunglasses make holiday customs.
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