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How to wear glasses for myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-11
Once myopia affects the collection and adjustment of the eyes, it is necessary to wear glasses to correct vision and protect the eyes. For different diopters, the glasses are also different. Especially for some teenagers and children's glasses, more attention should be paid. The focus of wearing glasses is not as simple as correcting vision, but more importantly, protecting vision and alleviating the development of myopia. Let's take a look at how to wear glasses for myopia. 1. The first time adolescents are equipped with spectacles, dilated optometry is required. For adolescents and children, or those who are equipped with spectacles for the first time, those with spectacles require dilated refraction. Mydriatic refraction can eliminate the adjustment of the eyes more. Accurately understand the visual acuity, especially for children with strong accommodative ability, can better adjust the paralyzed ciliary muscle, better detect the visual acuity, and can judge whether there is the possibility of pseudomyopia. Second, choosing a professional institution for optometry is a more important process for opticians. If the optometry is inaccurate, how can you get glasses that suit you? Therefore, for many nearsighted people, choose Good optometry is very important. The target is not the part of the eye, but the individual, the whole. The glasses that are equipped not only make the nearsighted person see more clearly, but also satisfy the eyeglasses better. It is more comfortable to wear for your own needs and relieves the development of myopia. Third, choose the right refractive index lens. For mild myopia, choose a spectacle lens with a lower refractive index. For middle-to-high myopia, the matched lens is preferably medium-to-high refractive index. With the best material and power, the lens with high refractive index will be thinner. The lens with high refractive index is naturally more expensive, and the choice of lens depends mainly on personal choice. Fourth, choose a frame that suits you. The choice of eyeglass frames depends on the individual's environment, such as sports people. It is better to choose eyeglass frames that are not easy to break, such as titanium frames, metal frames, and tr90. As for the skin that is prone to allergies, you can only choose those that are not allergic, such as sheet metal, pure titanium spectacle frames, etc. It is more suitable for actual use if you choose from the individual's specific needs for the frame.
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