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How to wear glasses for myopic patients who love sports? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-30
Young people are more lively and active, and often participate in some vigorous sports, such as playing basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, etc. At this time, there is a strong impact during the movement. Some myopic patients who wear glasses accidentally break the frame and lens, which may even hurt the eyes. In order to avoid this phenomenon, how should myopic patients who love sports wear glasses? First, those who love sports can wear goggles and frame glasses as a good tool for correcting myopia at present, but there are also many drawbacks, such as some myopic patients who love sports , In order to make the exercise effect more obvious, you can only wear glasses while exercising, which increases the chance of eye trauma, which easily leads to broken glasses, corneal damage, eyeball rupture, and intraocular bleeding. Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, myopic patients who love sports can wear an extra pair of myopia sports goggles in addition to the frame glasses they wear every day when they wear glasses. That is to say, when exercising, wear myopia sports goggles, and when you go to work, study, or party, you can wear the original frame glasses again, so that you can kill two birds with one stone, and you don’t have to worry about lens rupture affecting the health of your eyes. Second, you can also use a pair of orthokeratology lenses, but some people find it too troublesome and don’t want to wear two glasses. At this time, you can use a pair of orthokeratology lenses, which is a kind of lens that reduces the refractive power by changing the shape of the cornea glasses. For example, when you are going to play basketball, football or games with your classmates or friends tomorrow, you wear these glasses to sleep at night, and you don't need any glasses during the day, you can see the outside world clearly, and you can exercise how you want. . 3. Eyesight can be corrected by surgery. Frame glasses, laser surgery, and orthokeratology are the three most common methods for treating myopia. Frame glasses are the most popular one, but they are too limited for myopic patients who love sports. Many people who love sports are very worried. Therefore, myopic patients who love sports should wear myopia sports goggles during exercise, or wear orthokeratology lenses to sleep the day before. Remember not to wear myopia frame glasses for strenuous exercise to avoid damage to the cornea, eyeball and retina.
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