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How to wear sunglasses for myopia?

by:Eugenia     2022-02-10
In real life, many short-sighted people want to wear sunglasses. Because in the hot summer, many consumers wear sunglasses, and for myopic consumers, they must wear both myopia glasses and sunglasses. So this is a particularly headache for the majority of myopia groups. So how can we have both, let's take a look at some of the main points and methods of how to wear sunglasses for myopia. How to wear sunglasses for myopia Method 1: You can wear contact lenses, and then match the sunglasses of your choice, which will have the same effect as those with good eyesight. However, when wearing contact lenses, it is best to choose contact lenses that are not easy to dry, or to abandon contact lenses with a short cycle. For example, daily disposable contact lenses are the best example. Method 2: Add a layer of sunglasses clip on top of the original myopia glasses. However, because the clip has a relatively small selectivity and does not match the wearer's original myopia glasses. In real life, men generally choose clips and women choose contact lenses. Method 3: Equip a pair of glasses, that is, there is a pair of sunglasses that matches the ring shape of the glasses outside the frame glasses. It is very convenient to take off the lens set indoors and put it back outdoors by jamming or attaching the magnet to the frame. This method is currently preferred by consumers. It can be used as myopia glasses as well as fashionable sunglasses. Method 4: You can use color-changing lenses, which is more convenient than the above methods. However, the luminosity range of the color-changing lens is limited, and the lens is heavier and thicker when the height is numbered, and the color-changing effect is not good. Besides, at night, the movement is not very convenient. When choosing sunglasses for myopia, it is best to consider the refractive power of the glasses. There are also patients with glaucoma, optic nerve omentitis, color blindness, night blindness, etc. who should not wear sunglasses. Because after wearing glasses, it may make the condition worse. One final tip: If the sun is setting, it is best not to wear sunglasses. Because our eyes will be affected in low-light places.
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