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How to wear sunglasses to be effective eye

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Summer, the sun is warm, strengthen the skin suntan is a lot of people will do homework every day, but in fact, the part of the eye is more sensitive to uv damage. The stimulation of strong sunlight can let an eye early ageing and even blindness, therefore, sunglass is essential equipment for the summer. However, how to wear sunglasses to be effective eye, you know? C01 frame sunglasses factory S9103 sunglasses black/what kind of sunglasses can effectively eye lens gradient gray? Identity 'UV resistant' summer sunshine dazzling, in strong sunlight, the ultraviolet ray can hurt and decided to vision two most - — Macular and lens, slow due to macular degeneration and lens opacity. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men gold 001/68 to prevent sun damage to the eyes, the most simple and effective method is to wear sunglasses. Buy sunglasses, in addition to select qualified and reliable quality brand, but also pay attention to what? Summer choose sunglasses, must choose 'UV resistant' function, this function is usually marked on sunglasses 'carry' production certificate, prove that it can effectively resist ultraviolet light to the eyes. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4125F men 901 black people take it for granted that the color of the sunglasses the deeper the protective effect is better, the opposite is true. After deep when wearing sunglasses, eye face is darker the light environment, at this time, in order to be able to see clearly, the pupil will enlarge, and elevated intraocular pressure will come, when high intraocular pressure for a long time, is easy to cause eye diseases such as glaucoma. In addition, if there is no 'UV resistant function of sunglasses, dilated pupils will make more ultraviolet light directly into, the harm of eyes bigger than when not wearing sunglasses. Again, this is not recommended for a long time at high outdoor wear sunglasses color, because the more sunlight, BianSeJing lens becomes deeper, the greater the negative effect on the eyes.
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