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How to when summer travel light tide goddess

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Summer only lightly, tide goddess do when? Choose a fresh and appropriate dress, with a cool baseball cap, the becomes boom and along with the gender, and then to a pair of fine sunglasses, let you from UV damage into trend of the goddess. Print dress with a pair of round sunglasses restoring ancient ways, pure and fresh and sweet black loose shirts teamed a coating frog mirror, anti wear baseball caps handsome fashion, tide fan in a gray vest knee-length skirts, eye wear fashionable big frame glasses, arm in arm white handbag, simple atmosphere, full of modern flavor restoring ancient ways. Basic model of the jacket that show hilum dressed in white, wearing a pair of fashion sunglasses, dressed in a dark blue small broken flower under shorts, lively sunshine, young recommended fashion sunglasses: ray-ban RB3016 black box blackish green piece of sheet metal high-end fashion great code Ms. Sun glasses
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