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How young people can use their eyes scientifically to prevent myopia_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
Eyes are the most important part of the human body, and they are called the 'gateway to the soul.' No matter the small things in work, study and life, they are inseparable from the eyes. Everyone wants to have a pair of bright and healthy eyes, and to protect their eyes, and daily eating habits, eye environment and eye hygiene are very important. For young people, how to use the eyes scientifically can prevent myopia. Let's take a look at it together. <1>. The main reasons for adolescents’ myopia are that they spend too much time at close range, too little time for outdoor activities, and the eyes are infected. In addition, too much pressure in study or life can also lead to myopia. Therefore, here is a special reminder that it is best not to exceed 40 minutes of continuous eye use every day. After using the eyes, you can do some eye exercises or telescopic activities, which can adjust, eliminate, and relieve eye fatigue and other problems. <2>. Of course, 50% of the formation of myopia depends on the environment in which the eyes are used. Many teenagers are often in some environments where the light is too dark or too strong, studying, reading, watching TV, playing computer, etc. It will cause the eye's accommodation power to drop linearly, coupled with working hard to see objects clearly, causing the eyes to be overworked, and it is easy to cause myopia. Therefore, when using the eyes, it is best to be in an environment with suitable light to avoid overworked eyes and cause myopia. <3>. In addition to the eye environment and the time of eye use, eating habits are also the main cause of myopia, because most young people eat picky eaters, eat too much desserts, and sleep for a short time, leading to insufficient eye nutrition. Therefore, in order to prevent myopia, eat more animal foods containing vitamin A in your life, and you can also eat more plant-based carotene, because they are the best 'magic bullet' for protecting eyes and maintaining normal vision. I would like to remind everyone here that if adolescents with myopia reach 100 degrees, they must wear appropriate glasses for control and correction to prevent the decline of eye vision and control the development of vision.
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