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Huang xiaoming sunglasses and car pick up his girlfriend AngelaBaby

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Recently, huang xiaoming three year-end drama filming in Shanghai nervous, and his girlfriend AngelaBaby and peng 'huang2 fei hong2' starring at the same time shooting on film and television base in Shanghai. In the entertainment circle, although huang xiaoming and AngelaBaby relationship has been in a state of semi-public, but two people travel is still cautious, not in the same time as far as possible. Recently, together with zhou xun, starring a spoiled woman began filming in Shanghai, dressed in black clothes wore a black hat and dark glasses face from huang xiaoming was accompanied by agents and foreign assistant, in the outdoor parking lot outside the airport waiting for his girlfriend AngelaBaby, and sunglasses block the AngelaBaby also accompanied by agent on the rv huang xiaoming after start to leave.
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