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Huang xiaoming sunglasses Hong Kong shopping alone

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Actor huang xiaoming Angelababy just newly married with my wife, but yesterday ( On August 3) He abandoned his wife and went to Hong Kong alone, but also in the afternoon session wearing casual clothes, wearing a pair of classic frog mirror to central shopping shopping. The mood is very good huang xiaoming shuttle in shops, after a and a. When choosing a new dress, he found a picture, nice smile and say 'hello', later, huang xiaoming also pick up good minds, buy a lot of trophies. See yellow hierarch how modelling, black face, like a gangster did the yellow sect leader new product release of rampaging Hollywood, coupled with heat transfer of pay for a few days ago that let the handsome aggressive man caused a great sensation in the entertainment circle, rising career, marriage, a happy, yellow hierarch can be renamed 'sweet girl' ~ pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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