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Huayi 20th anniversary of stars, fashion sunglasses become a scenery line

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
On June 7, 2014, huayi brothers media 'not see the 20th anniversary of the grand ceremony' was held in haikou, chairman of the board of directors President wang zhongjun and wang zhonglei, ge you, tsui hark, feng xiaogang, Jackie chan, Andy lau, zhang guoli, huang xiaoming, Liao Fan, xu, li bingbing, yao Chen, Angelababy, through time and space, eternal song dan-dan famous, 15, Ryan and stars such as Ann witness ambassadors on stage, more gu, jiang wenli couple, hu guan, nicole and his wife, Miriam yeung, real ting couple, Huang Hong, na ying, sun nan, yihong duan, doze niu, huatao teng, teddy Chen, Chen chusheng, Bella, a number of stars. Due to reasons such as the day the sun is bigger, a lot of stars all want to chose to wear a pair of sunglasses, can either shade and cool. Wang zhongjun, a dress for wang zhongjun, wearing sunglasses is cool, feng xiaogang and xu also attended a grand ceremony, feng wearing sunglasses especially type with zhang guoli zhang mo son and wearing sunglasses doze niu wear sunglasses at the same time, will cool and handsome pictures from networks such as the need to please contact
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