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Hyperopia can be cured? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-04
Generally speaking, presbyopia can be treated. It can be treated by optics correction or laser surgery. But whether it is mild presbyopia or heavier, you can not ignore the protection of the eyes, especially pay attention not to keep the eyes in a state of tension. Let’s take a look at whether hyperopia can be cured. If it is mild myopia, and the premise is that it will not cause visual impairment, including asthenopia and strabismus, correction is not required. Normally, just pay attention to the eyes. Because children have physical hyperopia, if they are just born to 6 years old, this kind of children's hyperopia even if it is 2D, 3D does not need to be corrected. However, if a child shows abnormal vision that seriously affects learning, it still needs correction. The 6 to 20-year-old age group is generally observed first, because children of this age group still have a strong ability to adjust their eyes. The power of the glasses should be greatly reduced to facilitate adaptation. I am already an adult at the age of 20 to 40, and my eyesight has stabilized. As I grow older, my eyesight adjustment ability decreases. Some covert hyperopia will become manifest. For long-distance glasses, positive lenses can be used for correction, and the power can be reduced appropriately. For short-distance, full correction is required. After the age of 40, presbyopia basically began to appear. Whether you are looking near or far, you need lens correction, you can wear progressive multifocal glasses to correct. It should be noted that if it is accompanied by amblyopia, it is necessary to cooperate with amblyopia training methods and corrective lenses to have a good effect. If you are an adult, and you have moderate or high hyperopia, the first time you have glasses, you need an appropriate scan power to correct your vision. For some people with esotropia or exotropia, they also need to be corrected with glasses. For esotropia, additional degrees may be needed, and exotropia may need to be partially corrected. Surgical treatment This is also one of the more common treatment methods at present. Laser surgery is used to absorb corneal epithelial cells and stroma without damage, and the epithelial layer is reproducible. The excimer laser treats the stroma layer. You need to be at least 18 years old to have surgery.
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