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Hyun bin new modelling exposure myopia glasses look serious

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
'Head' on December 26, 2014, South Korea's SBS TV play 'jekyll and Hyde I open a set of stills, starring hyun bin and Han Zhi 旼 different style, attracted everybody's attention. In this photo, hyun bin smart suit and have hair, this isn't a wearing a pair of glasses appear gentle elegant, but the cold without any expression on her face, on the contrary Han Zhi 旼 is a casual wear, with one hand holding hyun bin arm, like a happy little woman generally show a bright smile. In the play, hyun bin with plays the role of split personality, has a dual character, one side is kind angel, one side is the evil devil. In order to distinguish between two kinds of character, from modeling to acting is great challenge. Han Zhi 旼 innocent romance, as ever, and fell in love with the dual character of man. Two people mix will deduce how tortuous love story, let people full of expectation. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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