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I'm not a male god liang zhang and his son out of tune

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Shortly after MSC's dad where to show, for five star father and son to come to hunan satellite TV New Year's concert. Among them, the man of god liang zhang son everyday hand in hand together sang a song 'I'm not a male god', HIGH turn over, father and son cooperation joy, warmth, and forget word action tense sprout like also left a deep impression to the audience. As liang zhang model was born in the father where to show more popularity, and son every day in this piece of the cross on the eve of the 'I'm not a male god' male god image overturns the audiences' hearts. Music sounded sunglasses suit handsome appearance before zhang give a person shine at the moment, a life is led to the scene atmosphere, son to join the audience much more brings along the passion every day, but the father and son thought out of tune, forget words full of action of state, high turn over. 'I'm not a male god' is the male god liang zhang music road of confession, through this song, the perfect interpretation of him at the end of 2013 to express true feelings and feelings. Longitudinal have sewn, also arrive but prosperity alert live is true.
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