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Ideas about the glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
As is known to all glasses is used to correct vision, of course, there are friends with flat light to decorate yourself, but you know there are many ideas about the glasses? All sorts of strange change about glasses, absolutely will dazzle you, call magic. High-tech glasses believe many people know that the Google glasses, the epson printer industry now also entered the smart apparel industry, and the invention is higher intelligent glasses pretend bility. In the design, epson intelligent glasses and Google glasses are similar. Epson glasses with Intel quad-core AtomX5 processor and a 5000000 megapixel camera, glasses more frivolous. To run android 5. 1 system, can be used to broadcast video and run the application, the glasses itself can track the user's head movements, and coupled with the cable touch pad control can be realized. In addition, the glasses with a built-in camera can scan qr code, tag or by augmented reality application information. Is the invention of the high-tech so to let you surprise? The original glasses can also be so western style! The adornment of the funny glasses is glasses so to open your eyes, the feeling of super fun, very suitable for wearing a Halloween! Wear it can let you become the focus of peoples attention. Glasses broken leg do what glasses broken leg, weibo talent to action! Small make up brush to a weibo today, deeply feel the wisdom of the masses of the people. The blogger named 'moon island sand weave' actually using straws as glasses legs, small make up also was impressed by the wisdom! Forward some netizens commented that 'leg can be adjusted by the mirror, an emergency can also pull down and do the straws, what a great invention. 'Ha, ha, ha ~
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