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Identify the four points of a pair of good color glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
See clearly. Meet the basic function of vision correction, that is, solving the problem of 'see clearly' vision. Common products are spherical and aspherical, double aspherical and double light, gradually focus more ordinary optical resin or glass lenses. Health and safety. Good lens should effectively prevent harmful rays, protect his eyes from the ultraviolet radiation, harmful blue light, and so on, at the same time have a certain impact performance, protect his eyes from the external force attack damage. Now the lens on the market, according to the survey, more than 50% can not effectively prevent harmful light, or just have part of the function, the customer should pay special attention to when buy. Comfortable and convenient. To make glasses to wear comfortable, in addition to accurate optometry and mirrors and lenses to prevent glare, antiglare function, also can improve improve contrast and color contrast. Automatically according to the strength of the light color lenses can adjust the light transmittance, make the eye always is in poor light condition, comfort is greatly increased. In addition, the color lens solved the sunglasses indoors can't wear, in and out of the room must be replaced frequently glasses, a pair of BianSeJing, indoor and outdoor without replacement, bring convenience to life. Fashion personality. As people living standard rise, consumption has not limited to the vision correction with glasses, in ensuring a comfortable, convenient, safe, healthy, on the basis of should satisfy people pursuit of beauty and fashion. The whole true color lenses provide change tea, change grey, powder, purple, blue, such as a variety of options, to avoid the market only a white sheet, change tea, grey drab colour, enrich the 'event horizon', meet the personalized requirements of the people.
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