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If the baby need to wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
The American academy of ophthalmology, AAO) Surveys show that less than a third of American parents knows to give children take a protective effect of sunglasses. In childhood, if the eyes in the sunshine time is too long can lead to cataract and age-related macular decline in the future, serious can also lead to impaired vision and even blindness. Recommended reading: what brand of children's sunglasses is better? California will form one of the pediatric clinic: Do you usually protect your child with sunscreen/hats/other measures when outdoors? ( To children when their outdoor activities, the sun protection? ) The American association of optometry AOA think of children each year uv exposure is three times as many adults, life 80% uv exposure occurs before the age of 20. Children is not easy to filter lens uv, uv rays can damage the retina. Ultraviolet (uv) radiation cause eye trouble for all ages, but children is very important to protect your eyes, because their refractive system is more transparent. Summer sun, dazzling high intensity uv test for the baby's delicate skin, do a good job baby sunscreen is especially important. However, some mother easy to overlook the baby's eyes. In fact, before the age of 18, children can absorb 80% of their lifetime exposure to ultraviolet light. The cornea and lens are clear than the adult of children, are more susceptible to ultraviolet enroach on, if you don't pay attention to prevent bask in, children may damage the corneal epithelium, as well as the macula lutea cause burns, even give up in the future of cataract and other eye disease. The baby's eyes are in puberty, need special care, especially to avoid too strong, the sun was shining in the eyes, the sunglasses like barrier blocking and filtering ultraviolet damage to the eyes. So, baby wear suitable high quality sunglasses, is of great benefit to protect his eyes. Other children's visual development need to normal light on macular area effective stimulation, so children's sunglasses the light transmittance of not less than 30%, when light transmission ratio is below 30% May not be able to guarantee the macular area can get effective stimulation, thus cause amblyopia. Conclusion: 1. Effectively stimulate normal visible light to the eyes, is the important guarantee of children's eyesight development 2. Is not visible light, ultraviolet for child development without effective visual stimulation, but the children of the cornea and lens, corneal epithelium, macular damage, excessive absorb ultraviolet radiation may cause burns. 3. Good lenses must effectively block ultraviolet light and light, for normal light should have enough light transmittance as inferior children toy sunglasses on the market a lot, mostly belongs to the plastic colored glasses, although look the same with dark brown lenses, but the process is very rough, poor light transmittance, blurred vision, unable to block ultraviolet light. Children's visual acuity and visual function are in development stage, if put on this kind of quality is poor, often do not meet the requirements of optical glasses, can accentuate the eyes adjust burden, affecting the normal development of the visual function, visual fatigue, myopia and amblyopia. After a long time, there will be jealous, photophobia, and blurred vision, color vision decline and a series of symptoms. 吗? 吗?
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