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If you are still not wearing sunglasses is excuse me this summer

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
You don't like stars out of the street, wearing sunglasses, all the year round like who doesn't have! ( Bowl) And to finally get to the summer, sunshine is dazzling, wearing sunglasses out of the street don't have to worry about being said to pack to force. , even when you are my level of general appearance, as long as the right glasses even wear white T-shirt jeans, temperament UP UP all didn't have to consult! ( The za face can't choose, can choose glasses! ) Run a! However, how to choose the suitable for you is my sunglasses? A simple reference to the same face of actor is how wear! A long face, please reference: never know, zhang liang, Kim woo bin Zhang Liangchang shape face of men, choose sunglasses, of course, is don't let your face look longer. More recommended mirror is wide, can will face horizontal extension, change the face of the straight line visual perception. Never know recommend sunglasses: America OO9269 men sunglasses 04 / transparent/dazzle colour blue qualicoat OO9272 men sunglasses 06 / black/dazzle colour blue round or square frame, and the pilot glasses are good choice, as long as glasses don't wider than the width of the cheek. A round face, please reference: look, Xu Zheng, deng chao look round face look young, cool, the street can choose a pair of highlight their edges and oversized sunglasses, but don't round frames! Recommend sunglasses, ray-ban RB3449 men sunglasses silver/lens dazzle colour blue 004/55 ray-ban RB3523 men sunglasses 006/3 r/black/dazzle colour green large blade of Wayfarer is right choice, wider than the outline of the cheek will extend across the face of the visual effect of the length of the thin face and to achieve. Square face shape, please reference: shawn yue, Nicholas tse, Chen Hechen Hector square face here refers to your face edges and hale and obvious. Whether you are a square or rectangle, please stay away from the edges and corners is too trenchant frame, let a person look very sharp. Nicholas tse circle lenses or slightly curved frame ( For example, the pilot glasses) Is a good choice, make facial lines look more downy. Recommend a sunglasses: America OO9245 29 men sunglasses/tan lines/tea piece of oval face, please reference: song joong ki, li yi feng, Chen song joong ki if you have an oval face, so congratulations you, as long as it's not bad taste, basically all the shape of the sunglasses you can handle. So you can be bold to try all kinds of sunglasses, as long as it is good to feel comfortable. Li yi feng but because chin relatively smooth, not show face, thin framework is relatively large, so more suitable for a profile type of sunglasses styles. Recommend sunglasses, ray-ban RB3532 001/68 men sunglasses Jin Leipeng RB4175 men sunglasses 877 / Z2 / powder not gold but no matter what the face, in the summer are should choose a pair of sunglasses for yourself well. Although not as good as women much more kinds of design style, can choose the sex or some.
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