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In 2010, sunglasses 'type'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
In 2009 from Beijing glasses exhibition, exhibition of Paris glasses, glasses exhibition, Tokyo glasses exhibition of Hong Kong, China and domestic major brands of new products, you can see that in 2010 on the colour of the sunglasses, wine red, dark brown, and black as hot. Frame aspect in addition to continue to pop round and oval, designers use more thoroughly on the square, rectangle; Good quality plate application will be more and more widely, with practical as a starting point, with flowers and all kinds of sleek design and modelling cascading hollow out, metal carve patterns or designs on woodwork, water Mosaic and rivet and other technology, more show unique beauty. It is worth mentioning that expensive gas, contracted, capable of models will be popular sunglasses male money, after the former metal plate design and wide mirror legs, builds a more fashionable rough texture, reflects the original of the men and light.
in 2010, has more movement trend as the main elements of sports glasses will be more and more popular, and dress collocation of plasticity is also very high. Combining with contracted aesthetic fashion trends, more brands will also be graceful and restrained agile mirror legs, popular element used in glasses show elegant and delicate, quality trend.
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