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In many aspects to teach you how to choose and buy sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Small make up to see the street people, there are a lot of friends have already can't wait to wear sunglasses, whether decorative or block the light, sunglasses are a very good choice. So the question comes, do you know how to choose and buy sunglasses? Small make up today is to teach people buy your sunglasses from multiple aspects. Ray-ban RB3016 - M men sunglasses 1182/4 e wood sunglasses 1, the basic function of the choose and buy a pair of qualified sunglasses must be able to hold back by ultraviolet ray, the different colors of the traffic signal with good resolution, and regular sunglasses belong to light series, diopter strict control at zero. 008 degrees. Diopter, long-term wear can make the eye fatigue, eye injuries. 2, when choosing sunglasses should pay attention to the uv mark, general sunglasses lenses or labeled on the package '100% uv protection', 'UV400', 'uv' logo. If wear not the inferior sunglasses block uv, into the eyes of ultraviolet rays more than don't wear sunglasses, are more likely to cause eye damage. 3, the choose and buy sunglasses to regular store to buy, make rough sunglasses, wear after the easy cause headache, eye pain, fatigue, discomfort, easily lead to decreased vision. In addition, don't choose a big frame glasses. The glasses will increase the control function of the eye burden, damage eyesight. 4, children don't wear sunglasses, because wore sunglasses, can make the children of light to stimulate the retina, less impact of visual development, serious and even cause amblyopia. Sunglasses the collocation of decoration to choose 1, frame color in most cases, our frames are natural radian. But the life needs innovation. If we can put the picture frame curve design with some special shapes can be very creative. The less perfect girls face more can be to hide yourself. The color of frame and lenses of the same time how to choose? Can make a picture frame on the color more light, to draw a line, neither does not interfere with the overall harmony and avoid the chaos is not clear. Because sunglasses match colors is single, with some bright color of adornment to decorate the sunglasses are very different, coupled with the summer cool and refreshing dress, very lively. 2, picture frame shape is more suitable for more angular face sunglasses with a square. Can highlight the outline of you feeling more. But this kind of sunglasses is a square face of the box. If you think you face is a lovely small round face, master lens will be very suitable for you. For you to add a little nifty and the flavor of the alternative. Slant face long people suits to choose a flat and wide rectangle frames, you can visually perfect face shape aspect ratio. Oval faces many shaped sunglasses can choose. But the small lenses, partial long can highlight your natural shape will be more advantage. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown sunglasses lens color some people think that the deeper the color sunglasses lenses of choose and buy, the better, this view is wrong. Lens color too deep will seriously affect the visibility, the eyes look for demanding vulnerable to damage, but not the role of protecting our eyes. Expert proposal, the lens should be able to through the 30% of visible light, with gray and green is preferred. In this way, not only can resist ultraviolet light, and the vision of clarity, the color change of a body is small.
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