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In patients with high myopia is unfavorable to dye with dark and resin sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
All patients with myopia glasses are for the correct vision, to make the vision to get ideal correction, in addition to the optometry glasses for accurate, precise and matching of high rate of light through glass lens is particularly important. However, due to the strong sunshine in the summer, people tend to need a pair of sunglasses.
the sun glasses is usually no luminosity (at the beginning of the Matt) For some poor eyesight of myopia patients, more is to consider with spectrophotometric color glass lens. This lens under the sun is usually brown or gray, indoors when the lens back to shallow dark brown or light gray, indoor-outdoor problem solved the myopic patients. But, even so ideal lens, experts in myopia patients, with height and height above does not advocate match color piece, afraid because of the high degree lens thickness influence the lens light through rate, more is recommended to use the sun sets of mirror ( Sun sets of mirror used in outdoor, indoor take off a good glasses Dai Guang through rate) In order to avoid affect vision.
with the glasses of the rapid development of science and technology, with its light, security, resin lens light through rate close to the consumer market, the advantages of optical glass into the glasses and varieties more and more, never add hard to add hard; From low refractive index to the refraction, and to high refraction; Never change color to dyeing, even to change color, etc.
in the summer, people with certain economic ability, if want to match color of resin lens and economic difficulties, but to match a dyeing keep out sunshine and uv resin lens is no problem. But when I see some innocent and lively, and versatile young beautiful deep color of resin glasses ( ) When the light is not very bright indoor use, can not help but ask: do you also want to cherish the window of the soul? ! In the summer or outdoor light use:
( 1) Low myopia patients with darker color resin lens ( Degree shallow dyed deep) ;
( 2) In high myopia patients can only be used with a shallow color resin lens ( Degree high dyeing shallow) ;
( 3) Considering the eye ten-fold increase in older patients is abate, good matchs shallow color of resin lens. In the case of light indoor use:
( 1) Low myopia patients can only be dyed to match the light color of the resin lens;
( 2) In patients with high myopia is unfavorable in indoor use colored resin lens ( Recommend the use of light through rate good glasses) 。
note: resin color piece functions usually significantly superior to the dyeing resin piece.
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