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In the autumn of 2015 brand glasses product recommendations

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Every major change garments according to the fashion brands to launch many new products, all kinds of. Glasses brand, too, each big fashion brands has been very hot, some brands even glasses in the fall of the spring of 2015 is introduced. Let's take a look at what glasses product sell like hot cakes! 1, mike cross ( Michael Kors) 2015 glasses of new Michael Kors launched 2015 holiday series two categories, sunglasses and optical glasses from female cat's eye, classic pilot modelling design to rectangular frames that restore ancient ways, style diversity, such as exotic animal printing, colorful crystal ornament, classic metal strap buckle and elegant logo. 2, Garrett Leight California Optical 2015 glasses of new glasses brand Garrett Leight California Optical recently released 2015 autumn/winter series. In the autumn collection launched a new Clark frames, rounded rectangle shape with a low profile blue and tortoise shell color, and the French designer glasses Thierry Lasry jointly create reflective sun glasses. Bryn Mawr, Wilson M and Mark McNairy GLCO x series also has a new color restoring ancient ways and metal. Brand new series is now available via online shops and stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 3,贝格利Mischka ( Looks, the card) 2015 glasses of new Badgley Mischka ( Looks, the card) Introduced a glasses of 2015 autumn winters, the season series new glasses would be a perfect fusion of sports fashion and modern design style by supermodel Helene Desmettre, Niclas Gillis and Annmari Botha, will Badgley Mischka new optical glasses and sunglasses in, show the style of different mature spell able. Badgley Mischka2015 glasses qiu dong series of rigorous low profile design, intentions to build cool model and delicate sense of modern style. 4, Thom Browne 2015 glasses of new American fashion brand Thom Browne recently released 2015 autumn new glasses series. For modern man, this series of glasses for Thom Browne falls has contracted li's style, frame, is to use the high-end acetate and titanium alloy, hand made in Japan, and add 12 k gold, crystal details such as pile head to improve the overall sense of luxury, and also equipped with uv and antireflection lenses. 5, Vogue Eyewear vogel 2015 glasses of new fashion Eyewear brand Vogue Eyewear please Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima ( Adriana Lima) The endorsement of a mirror, publicity fall 2015 glasses. Big shot in Rio DE janeiro, this season from the market to the streets paved with pebbles, adriana life just as she had to wear sunglasses so cool, as well as optical glasses elegance.
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